Music Lifestyle Offers Professional Music Teaching Training

Music Lifestyle Offers Professional Music Teaching Training

Be an Expert Through the Experts – Music Lifestyle Offers Professional Music Teacher Training

At Music LifeStyle, we understand how fulfilling it can be to share passion with others. That’s why our music academy wants to extend its capabilities in inspiring artists keen to enter a career in music through our professional music teacher training program.

Our music teacher training courses are structurally crafted from early childhood teaching pedagogy to diploma levels in advanced music study for effective learning outcomes. The meticulously crafted program was born out of the skill and competence of Music Lifestyle founder Kellyn Quek, who was advised by world-class musician Dr. Ayke Agus from the United States of America.

Take another step in your music journey by exploring Music Lifestyle’s curriculum towards achieving music teacher professional development.

Read about our founder, music lessons, programs, courses we offer, and the structurally created curriculum for our professional teaching training program. Stay with us to learn more.


About Kellyn Quek–Founder of Music Lifestyle Academy Singapore

With more than 30 years of embracing a music teacher career, Kellyn Quek is the Founder and Principal of Music Lifestyle Academy. She is a skilled instructor specialising in piano performance, composition, early childhood pedagogy, and advanced music theory lessons in Singapore.

Kellyn received her Bachelor's honours degree from the University of Kingston in the United Kingdom. Her mentors are well-renowned musicians such as Madam Toh Chee Hung, Professor Edward Ho, Dr. John Sharpley, and Mr. Eric James Watson (Medallion Award by Singapore N.A.C.)

She started the music academy with high hopes of influencing others to see music not just as a form of leisure or a tool that entertains but as a way of life. Kellyn intends to instil an appreciation for music that surpasses examinations and assessments.

With her intentions and commitment to the academy, Music Lifestyle has been well-established and highly recognised by ABRSM. The students were the recipients of the top scorers in both practical ABRSM and theory ABRSM Hedy King Robinson Worldwide Award. Additionally, she has successfully prepared her students for college and university admission to national and international reputed universities namely University of Oxford(UK), Cornell University(US) and National University of Singapore.

As a music teacher, she champions a structured and organised curriculum, carefully created with holistic and customised music education in mind. Most of her students are music educators in the Ministry Of Education in Singapore. One of her passions is to nurture, educate and inspire young music educators.

When she started crafting the professional music teacher training program of Music Lifestyle, Dr. Ayke Agus played a pivotal role in creating a curriculum that will hone aspiring music teachers effectively.

Dr. Ayke Agus was a former professor at both the Juilliard School of Music and the University of Southern California and used to be the immediate student of the world-famous Violinist legend Jascha Heifetz. She’s an award-winning musician and a famously known concert violinist, pianist, lecturer, and healing music therapist.

Both music experts have helped by contributing their decades of experience and knowledge in crafting the academy’s training curriculum. Their shared effort aims to ensure that young teachers receive the best expertise and correct teaching techniques possible when they deliver their lessons to the students. With the expertise of both music professionals, Music LifeStyle is ready to ensure your foundation soars to unprecedented heights.

Celebrating Student Success: Angeline's Achievement

We are excited to share our student Angeline has been offered admission to the Bachelor of Music (Honours) Degree Programme and awarded full scholarship at NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Angeline's dedication, talent, and the exceptional education she received here at Music LifeStyle Academy.

We could not be prouder of Angeline and her outstanding accomplishment. Her success not only reflects her hard work and determination but also speaks volumes about the quality of education and training provided at Music LifeStyle Academy.

Angeline's journey from Music LifeStyle Academy to NUS Young Siu Toh is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians. It showcases the potential for growth, excellence, and recognition that awaits our students when they pursue their passion with dedication and commitment.

As we celebrate Angeline's success, we also take pride in the role Music LifeStyle Academy has played in shaping her musical journey. Our faculty members, with their expertise and mentorship, have nurtured Angeline's talent and helped her reach new heights.

This achievement further solidifies Music LifeStyle Academy's reputation as a premier institution for music education. It underscores our commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences that empower our students to excel not only academically but also professionally.

Join us in congratulating Angeline on this remarkable milestone. Her success is a testament to the endless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

We invite you to share this momentous occasion with us on our social media platforms and help us spread the word about Angeline's incredible achievement and the outstanding opportunities available at Music LifeStyle Academy.

Once again, congratulations, Angeline! Your Music LifeStyle Academy family is incredibly proud of you, and we can't wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish in the future.

Our Music Teacher Training Curriculum Nurtures Talent Through Results-Proven Methods

The professional music teacher’s training curriculum by Music Lifestyle focuses on early childhood pedagogy, music technology and composition and learning how to teach music theory.

Young educators joining the program will get the opportunity to be mentored in a results-proven method guided by the music veteran Principal Kellyn.

Furthermore, our curriculum is shaped to zero in on real-world exposure, equipping students with soft skills that every musician needs academically or in their career. This enables them to build a well-rounded understanding of the music field with the school’s unique teaching approach, instant feedback and strategies.

All of these targets are anchored on our motivation to support individuals in discovering their passion and strengths to build a solid foundation in bringing their musical vision and music teaching career to greater accomplishments.

Other Programs, Courses, and Lessons by Music Lifestyle

Apart from professional music teacher training, Music Lifestyle offers multi-faceted programs and lessons–from learning theories to practicals or facilitating music lessons for kids to adults. In our music classes, we ensure that aspiring musicians can confidently navigate the field effectively and with proficiency, even at the young age of three.

Quickly explore how the academy deeply values foundational, customised, and well-rounded learning through its offerings–principles that are also important in professional teaching.

Musical Instruments, Theory and Composing Courses

Music LifeStyle provides comprehensive music education not just  vocal lessons  but also  playing of musical instruments:

  • Cello lessons
  • Violin class
  • Guitar lessons
  • Viola lessons
  • Piano courses
  • Harmonica course

To achieve a holistic music education, we do not only teach our students to hold and play instruments. But we also deliver theory and composition lessons for beginners and advanced levels. As experts, we strongly advocate learning music theory because it helps understand how composers create their pieces, allowing learners to connect with the music they play more. We also emphasise on how our students could apply their knowledge in real-world musical situations. Practical application is crucial for deepening understanding and developing proficiency in music.

An immersive experience and a solid relationship with music will eventually inspire them to be able to compose. Under our music composition offerings, students will learn how to compose music and create original pieces with our music professionals.

IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) Music Tuitions

Both IGCSE and IB music tuitions allow students to focus on various music education aspects: music analysis, listening, performing, and composing in different genres namely Classical, Pop, Techno and EDM(Electronic Dance Music).

The course covers structure music analysis, composing and actively listening to various musical styles, including pop, world, and classical music. Learners can enjoy making music and learning to compose and notate their compositions. As a result, this provides a foundation for developing an informed appreciation for music. Students will also create a stronger aural perception through this course.

Apart from moulding learners in an individual setting, we also offer services for music education in a collaborative and group environment.

Moreover, our International Baccalaureate (IB) music course prepares students for future success at university levels and, eventually, adulthood. A good knowledge of music is a requirement for vocations such as sound engineering, music therapy, music journalism, music editing, and music teaching.

Students who undergo the IB Music Program are expected to demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and perception of music concerning time, place, and culture and develop creative skills, comparative music analysis, and critical thinking.

Music Elective Programs, O & A-Levels Music

Other music education programs of Music Lifestyle are the following:

  • O Level Music Tuition
  • A Level Music Tuition
  • MEP (Music Elective Program) Tuition, where we will expose students to various music, from Western Classical and traditional Asian Music to Jazz & Popular genres.

Our music programs aim to instil leadership and character through music and nurture musically inclined students by tailoring lessons to best suit their needs.

Music Ensemble Lessons

Our music ensemble lesson is also well-rounded. We provide opportunities for students to perform alongside their peers, which helps individuals become more expressive musicians, ultimately improving their ensemble skills. We aim to let our students communicate effectively and work towards a shared musical goal in a unique group setting.

Learn from the Experts today!

Here at Music Lifestyle, we, too, started as aspiring musicians, eager to learn and make a mark. Today, we’ve already achieved new heights and triumphs as music experts–ready to teach our knowledge to aspiring music teachers.

We've been where you are, learning and growing as musicians. Now, we want to help you do the same. Our team calls you to experience a professionally-guided music education with our music teacher training program.

Why entrust your professional music teaching development with us? Our academy has been acknowledged with various accreditations and awards, such as:

  • Yamaha music instrument partner
  • Suzuki music instrument partner
  • Best Piano Schools in Singapore
  • ABRSM High Scorers Award
  • ABRSM Hedy King Robinson Award
  • Accredited ABRSM Official Music Examination Center
  • International Composition Competitions(France, Austria, Italy & Ukraine)
  • CITTA di MASSA Ensemble Competition of Italy(1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes)

Presently, Music Lifestyle is offering higher level music tuition in level O’ Level, A’ Level music, IGCSE, IB (International Baccalaureate), Classical and Pop Music Composition, Music Analysis, Electronic Dance Music, Techno Music and using of professional music softwares namely Sibelius, Finale, Logic Pro and Cubase.

Whether you are an aspiring music teacher or a young musician looking for music lessons or guitar classes in Singapore , Music LifeStyle is here to refine your talent! Contact us.

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Music Lifestyle Offers Professional Music Teaching Training