Cello Lessons in Singapore

The cello is a wide-range string instrument that evokes various emotions and creates several tone colours, from dark to high pitches. Its versatile register creates beautiful and rich sounds, making it an ideal and worthy instrument to learn.

Taking cello lessons is a satisfying musical pursuit, and the perfect entry point to experiencing this fulfilment is through classes curated by the experts at Music LifeStyle.

    Why Learn Cello Lessons from Us?

    Music LifeStyle Academy comprises expert teachers who create and encourage well-rounded, personalised, and flexible Singapore cello lessons aligned with students’ learning styles and goals.

      Highly Qualified Teachers

      Our qualifications for cello teachers revolve around three criteria: they must be highly qualified, passionate, and responsible for delivering lessons in engaging ways.

      Personalised Music Choice

      Students can customise their cello lessons where they can freely decide the genre and music type they want to play. Once they have established their preferences, we will match them with the right music professional on our team.

      Flexible Learning Options

      We want our students to maximise their learning experience by having the option to choose the environment they want during their cello lessons, be it with a group or alone in a private session. If you are still trying to decide what is best for you, talk to us. We’re here to guide you on every step.

      Ensemble Opportunities

      We are advocates of balanced learning, so we encourage our students to join Strings Music Ensemble Lessons to enhance their performing skills as soloists and experience playing as an ensemble

    Our Comprehensive Cello Lessons Program

    Age 8 years old to Adult:

    • Duration: 45mins or 1 hour / weekly group or individual session;
    • Examination (Optional): ABRSM
    • Focus activities include:
      • Rhythm Training
      • Percussion playing
      • Sight Reading
      • Posture
      • Technique

Benefits of Learning The Cello

    Music education involving string instruments like the cello encourages across-the-board learning as it merges mental, physical, and social training. Specific benefits brought by taking up our Singapore cello lessons include:

    • Improved intellectual abilities and memory enrichment
    • Teaches children to be less indulgent and more attentive
    • Allows one to improve their agility and coordination skills
    • Builds physical strength
    • Cultivates lifelong friendships with co-players


  • What is Cello?
  • The cello is a string musical instrument that resembles a violin but is only larger. A cello player holds the bow upright while sitting with the cello between their legs. It has a shorter neck than the violin and can be about 27.5 inches long.

  • Why should you learn the Cello?
  • The cello might be a perfect fit if you're looking for a challenging and rewarding creative outlet. A cello teacher in Singapore can guide you through navigating and learning its remarkable and versatile tones. Signing up for cello lessons offers several benefits that could positively affect your well-being and holistic health.

  • What is the difference between a violin and a cello?
  • The most significant difference between the violin and the cello is their size, with the cello being the bigger one. Regarding their strings, the violin typically has tinner and shorter ones that allow players to hit higher notes. Meanwhile, cello strings are thicker, creating lower tones.

  • Top 5 Facts about the Cello
    • Cello is an Italian word that originally meant “little giant viola.”
    • The cello is the second-largest instrument in the string family. Its origins date back to the 1500s.
    • The King, created by Andrea Amati, is one of the oldest cellos. It was engineered between 1538 and 1560 and is presently in the National Music Depository in Mount Rushmore State.
    • Cello strings were initially made of sheep and goat gut. Nowadays, this is often not the case, and modern cello strings are made of bronze.
    • The cello is tuned in fifths. The one strings are, ranging from rock bottom one, C G D A. It is tuned at an equivalent interval because the viola is tuned an octave higher.

  • What makes the cello special?
  • The cello's versatility is what makes it special. The instrument can go from the depths of the audible register and produce pleasant vibrations to high squeaky sounds that mimic a woman's shrieking.

    The best part about cello lessons and knowing how to play the instrument well is that it feels right at home in all sorts of musical genres, from classical to contemporary to rock, pop, jazz, and even electronic.