Age 7-years old to Adult:

  • Duration: 45mins or 1 hour / weekly group or individual session;
  • Examination (Optional): ABRSM
  • Focus activities include:
    • Rhythm Training
    • Percussion playing
    • Sight Reading
    • Posture
    • Technique

Correct posture and right playing techniques are very important for the stringed instruments like guitar too. However, it is also necessary to determine what we wish to achieve as guitarists. For a singer-songwriter, he or she simply uses the guitar as a tool for composition, putting technique fairly low down the list of priorities.

But for somebody who desires to play music like that of Dream Theater, technique matters greatly.

Acoustic vs Electric guitar

A common question that most beginner guitar players ask is, “Should I begin with acoustic guitar or electric?” and the answers they get vary. Most beginners can start with an acoustic guitar instead of an electric guitar. Despite the fact that acoustic guitars may be a bit tougher to play, they are easier and simpler to grasp. They need no physical science, wires, dials or knobs. They only need a tone that sounds smart in virtually any type of music and has a dateless charm.

Nylon-String guitar (Classical)

There is a (somewhat flawed) theory that beginners ought to learn this instrument first. This theory relies on the presumption that new players should be protected from the discomfort of painful fingertips and the plastic strings of this instrument are easier to figure out than with steel. However, it can be tough to master the classical guitar. At the hands of a beginner, the nylon string guitar can end up sounding like a toy instead of an actual instrument. Whereas steel strings are a lot more forgiving and can reward even the most basic of beginners with sweet sounds.

Nylon-string guitars are, side-by-side, more delicate than steel string guitars and have fewer choices commercially offered because of its relatively weaker quality.

Additionally, it is generally used for a narrower variety of repertoire revolving around classical, Spanish and Latin stringed instrument designs. This may be a good selection if your interest is primarily in those designs, otherwise you must opt for a steel-string guitar.

Electric guitars are accustomed to play for specific styles, particularly blues, funk, rock and metal. These styles use specialized guitar techniques and effects.

When in doubt, follow your passion. Go for whichever stringed instrument you are most interested in. If you stay indifferent when reading this it is most likely best to start out with an acoustic guitar. Acoustic stringed instruments are the most common instrument for beginner guitar players to use.

If you are interested in learning the guitar, or are otherwise considering the practice of guitar notes to be too tough, think about obtaining an electrical guitar instead.

Guitar lessons for beginners

There are lots of places on the internet where you can find free guitar lessons for beginners.

The question is – where is the best place for a beginner guitar player to start learning the guitar?

Learning the tones and semitones is very important, because that explains how your fret-board works. That’s definitely a topic every beginner needs to cover, however if you are just getting started, chances are you just want to learn a few chords and start playing something already!

So what are the most important chords for any guitar player to start with? We recommend just six chords: G, C, D, Em, Am and Bm as those are all the chords in the key of G, giving you access to hundreds of popular songs.

Now all this may start to sound bewildering to you.

That is why we believe that while you may be able to pick up an online course or even free YouTube videos to learn how to start playing the guitar, there is no substitute for lessons where you actually meet the professional guitar teacher at our academy.

There are private lessons and group lessons for guitar learning. You just have to pick which one suits your budget, learning style and convenience. Learning one-to-one is great if you require personal attention but learning in a group can be fun and rewarding.

Which guitar class is best for me?

If you found this page online, you would most probably have been doing your research and wondering what you would choose since there are so many choices out in the market.

The key is to find a class where you feel comfortable with the teacher and know that they always have your best interest at heart. You may want to also find teachers that can help you achieve your goal quickly.

We have a team of extensive experienced and highly qualified guitar teachers in Singapore. Why not contact us today for more information? We will get you on the journey to mastering guitar playing in no time at all!


Research has shown that music lessons for children at a young age can greatly expedite your child’s psychological development progress. A child attending music lessons is also seen to develop quicker, higher IQ and oftentimes do better in class.

This is most likely one of the many reasons why parents begin guitar lessons for their children at a young age. If you’re searching for dedicated and personal guitar lecturers for your kid to begin, we are able to help you!

Here are the reasons why you would want to have personal guitar lessons for your children:

  • Flexible schedule
    We know children nowadays have busy schedules. With personal lessons, you’ll be able to organize the schedule with the teacher directly.
  • Personal attention
    With personal lessons, the teacher can focus their entire lesson on the child, and teach in line with his mentality and desires.
  • Customized lessons
    Private lessons will also enable lecturers to tailor lesson plans, similar to teaching fun songs to the class.

Advantages of learning the guitar as a child:

  • After an extended day, taking part in the guitar playing helps a child relax.
  • A child will learn to manage their time well. By taking guitar lessons, they may learn to handle their hours well.
  • Children learn and absorb information quickly. As a child becomes more perceptive, they’re going to be able to understand the guitar quicker.
  • The child will somehow perceive the worth of your time and money. Therefore, they are going to avoid wasting time and develop a dedicated outlook on the lesson.

How long will it take to learn the guitar?

For someone to be capable of playing beginner guitar songs by themselves, it will take a minimum of 4 to 6 months. Throughout this period, you may learn the basics like notes reading and mastering of basic playing techniques such as basic strumming and simple plucking patterns on different strings of a guitar.

Do I take guitar lessons for examinations or for leisure?

We highly recommend that you start off learning the guitar for leisure purposes. It is important to have an interest in the instrument first and learn it at your own pace in order to progress well at least stress. Then, when you are ready to move forward with the guitar professionally, you may start taking exams to certify your skills or benchmark your achievements.


You are never too old to learn the guitar!

Guitar lessons for adults provide a sense of accomplishment and relaxation actually. Adults can learn how to play the guitar in order to enjoy something that will help them de-stress, quiet their minds from all the stress they have been experiencing lately, release anger through music performance or just have some fun with it!


Advantages of learning the guitar as an adult:

  • As an adult, you know exactly what you want and ask questions you need. This will help you progress more quickly during your lessons.
  • Playing the guitar helps you rest and calm. Adults will have something to look forward to doing at the end of a busy day.
  • Some even see it as an opportunity to perform and boost up self confidence levels.

Our guitar lesson fees are affordable and vary depending on what grade you are in.


If you intend to take up classical guitar lessons, you have to learn how to return to the instrument’s roots. Not only will you learn how to practice the proper techniques, you will additionally learn different genres like jazz, blues, Latin, pop and soft rock.

The classical guitar could be a lyrical and versatile instrument. You will play solo or in an ensemble or even write components for various voices and learn to play all of it properly. Since it is portable, you will be able to bring it wherever you go. Since it is an intimate instrument, your direct contact with the strings provides the sound. Few instruments provide you with that sort of intimacy like the guitar. It is also a good tool for composition!

If you are among those that want to grasp the complexities of enjoying the classical guitar, then worry not. Our guitar instructors in Singapore will assist you realize your dream of learning the device of your choice – the Classical Guitar.

We only hire extremely qualified classical guitar teachers to show you or your child a way to play the guitar in a way that is correct and fun. Under the tutelage of our competent classical guitar professionals at Music LifeStyle along with your focus and determination, you can eventually learn to play simple music using the instrument in three to four months. Believe it or not, well-versed guitar teachers can help you bring out that hidden musical talent that you have always had within you! A good lecturer can guide you every step of the way until you master the art of playing the guitar.

Whether you are a fan of rock and roll, pop or soul, it doesn’t matter. Our wonderful classical guitar teachers will assist you in distinguishing these variations together with your beloved guitar. They will even hone your musical talent in six months to a year.

How to learn the classical guitar quickly:

Everyone likes to learn how to play the guitar as quickly as possible. However, we should first have self-discipline in order to grasp the intricacies of the guitar. If you have a passion for learning the classical guitar, then the four tips we have provided below will help you:

  • Be patient. Do not rush.
    Do not immediately try to learn complicated songs. It will only frustrate you since the notes will prove to be too difficult for a beginner. You should instead take it step-by-step progressively.
    Start off with straightforward songs that involve strumming. As you learn the basic techniques methodically, our dedicated tutors will slowly guide you through the harder chords and songs.
  • Maintain a correct posture
    If you have got aches in your shoulder, neck or back, there is some posture changes that you have to maintain. Dangerous body posture leaves you aching everywhere and causes you to feel like taking guitar lessons as a laborious job. Learn to take care of your body posture by asking your teacher.
  • Learn chords and scales
    As you begin to learn the chords, you will find yourself jamming songs together with your buddies as an experienced instrumentalist. Scales are necessary if you wish to lead, choose and even go solo. Scales offer you the fundamentals of building up a solo and the way the notes complement one another.
  • Arrange a schedule
    It is sensible to practice for an hour or two each day frequently rather than cramming all the lessons in a single day for five hours straight. Cramming lessons in a day can make you lose focus and drive you to lose interest in continuing. This is often the sort of practice you want to avoid when learning something new. Learning the classical guitar is not any exception. Follow the schedule and follow it diligently to avoid being burnt out.


Age : From 9 years

Examination Board: ABRSM (Grading & Diploma Levels)

  • Rhythm & melody training
  • Chord accompaniment
  • Development of a classical and expressive playing style
  • Basic 2 part solo playing
  • Refinement of both left & right hands so as to enable execution of better control & precision


Age: From 9 years

Course Duration: 2 years

  • Singing popular songs
  • Rhythm training
  • Recognition of chords
  • Basic notes and music reading

Start learning your favorite tunes with our award-winning guitar professional Mr. Dominic Wan, who has won the National Music Competition in Singapore! Every single lesson with us is guaranteed to bring out your inner musician!