Music theory is the study of the complete structure and formation of music. It is important because music theory considered as the soul and foundation of music. Besides, it also helps musician understand how to play well for an instrument in a musical way or even composing and arranging of the music as a hobby or professionally.

Hence, music theory is the key factor when comes to music!

When we see experienced musicians doing inventive arrangements, our motivation to learn music theory arises. After all, who would not want to learn the intricacies of music improvisation? Who does not wish to understand the arrangement of songs, innovating, amendment chords, twiddling with many scales and creating innovative solos?

The problem with music theory books

All that motivation might fall apart once we encounter those dry and dull books regarding music theory without a simplified explanation by music professionals. We tend to agree that ninety nine percent of all books and music theory courses require significant reading, are boring and poorly-explained and are geared towards people who are already specialists on the subject. There are also scenarios that wrong music theoretical concept being taught or even typo occurred for the theory books. Without the guidance, learning of music theory on our own will not be efficient!

Music theory for beginners

The solution for a few people is to hire a responsible teacher to teach us on what the books would not explain in the simplest way possible.

More than a music theory category

Our objective is to produce a theoretical base regarding music theory in a very straightforward manner which can be perceived as easy as possible. We will fill the gaps in information until you can recite theory by heart. We aim to teach you the theories of music in a way that will be understandable yet fun for you. Welcome to Music Theory!

Benefits of learning music theory

There are several different advantages for learning music theory in Singapore

  • Enjoyment and sight-reading of music
    When you learn music theory, you learn rules and tips on how music works. This could assist you in sight-reading new songs a lot more effectively.
  • Better understanding of music structures and genres
    Music theory can offer you an opportunity to explore completely different varieties of music and learn what makes them so different from one another.
  • Learning how to write your own music
    With the principles of music theory, you will even able to compose your own pieces.


Learning to play a musical instrument without the foundation of music theory is like learning a language without knowing the way to read it. It is necessary to understand the way to read the language of music by attending music theory lessons in Singapore with Music LifeStyle. With the understanding of music theory learnt from extensive knowledge teacher, one will then effectively perceive how music is meant to be expressed.

One can choose to self-learn music theory without the help of a music theory teacher. Skipping beginner music theory lessons could also be potential at first. However, during a certain period in your studies, you’ll still have to interact with a music theory teacher.

If you are attending grade six for your musical instrument via the Associated Board of Royal faculty of Music (ABRSM), you are required by the examination board to pass the ABRSM Grade 5 in music theory.

Additionally, we also provide music theory course up to Grade 8 or for those following ABRSM certificate exams. We are extremely experienced in teaching theory to students of piano and different instruments too.

Music Theory is now available as online virtual music lessons at our academy.

ABRSM Music Theory Needs For Higher Grade Practical Exams

For students who want to pursue the ABRSM Grade 8 Exams, a passing grade in grade 5 music theory is necessary.

Why learn music theory?

When learning any instrument, you might think that music theory is boring or unneeded. Contrary to that belief, music theory is the foundation and bedrock of learning and it applies to all kinds of music. With music theory, you may gain a deeper understanding of music and gain the ability to play and interpret music far better than you were able to before. After you hear a song that you like, music theory can assist you in determining what makes it a good song, why it is nice and its chords, progressions and different components that built it. As you become an advanced musician, your background in musical theory can become a great asset.

We work with students in learning music theory in Singapore with practices that are fun and fascinating. The ABRSM music theory info may be a customary program for music theory and is widely recognized by colleges and musical programs in Singapore. We have a tendency to use this info in our music theory categories to ensure that students possess the inspiration in musical ideas in order to become better musicians.

Additionally, the ABRSM music theory program is usually a requirement for lyceum Music Elective Programs (MEP). Music LifeStyle can assist you in learning the ideas and excel within the ABRSM system.

We have over 20 years of expertise teaching piano and music theory in Singapore. With our facilitation, you may be able to quickly grasp the musical ideas that we teach and apply these to your own lessons. In order to make learning as straightforward as possible, we use a variety of templates and teaching aids which will help improve your ability to grasp even the most advanced ideas.

Music theory is the foundation for one’s journey through music.


  • Duration : 45mins / 1 hr / 1.5 hrs
  • No. of students : Individual / 4 to 6 in a group
  • Grade : 1 to 5
  • Examination : ABRSM


  • Duration : 1 hr /1.5 hrs
  • No. of students : Individual / 4 to 6 in a group
  • Grade : 6 to 8
  • Examination : ABRSM


Our new Theory Intensive Course is tailored to individuals who:

  • Aims to complete Grade 1-5 or 6-8 Music Theory in 4 to 6 months, to meet ABRSM Theory Exam
  • Need a flexible schedule

Intensive Music Theory Course details:

  • 10 sessions in a frame of 4 months
  • Flexi-time arrangements (based on Instructor availability)
  • No rescheduling/postponement allowed within 48-hours of notice
  • Unlimited renewal

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