Struggling with International Baccalaureate Music Programs? We have the solution for you!

IB is a bridging course that prepares students for future success at the university levels and eventually, adulthood.

All IB students are supposed to take courses in six different subject groups. Music is in group 6. There are three additional core elements as the central of the programme:

  • Extended essay
  • Theory of knowledge and Creativity
  • Action & Service

With the increasing standards of music education, IB Music Programs have emerged and become a worldwide recognized music specialization bench-marking standard set by top universities. The Diploma is open to any student aged from 16 to 19. In Singapore, International Baccalaureate in Music is usually offered by International Schools or Professional Institutes.

Music LifeStyle Academy is a music school which is highly experienced in coaching students taking the IB Music Programs from International Schools namely UWCSEA (Universal World College South East Asia) and SOTA (School of the Arts Singapore) over the years.

We have selected qualified professionals who specialize in music theory and practical skills related to the programs with the academy’s very own coaching methods. Students who received the coaching will have critical thinking and self-reflection skills towards music challenges with professional manners.

The course will provide the students with necessary knowledge as musicians both personally and collaboratively through aspects of performance, composition, critical analysis of music and even exposes the students to forms, styles and functions of a wide range of historical, socio-cultural contexts. This will provide them the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of music. Additionally, students will also be taught in using professional music softwares such as Sibelius, Logic Pro as part of recording techniques of the studies.

In general, both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) music students are compulsory to study musical perception. For SL, students only required to choose one of the below three options:

  • Solo performing(SLS)
  • Group performing(SLG)
  • Creating(SLC)

Whereas, HL students are required to have both Creating and Solo Performing.

For the curriculum part, it consists of 6 subject groups and the DP core, comprising theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity and service (CAS) as well as extended essay.

The IB uses Internal and External Assessment for the course. This includes:

  • Internal Assessment
    • artistic performances
    • oral work in languages
    • fieldwork in geography
    • laboratory work in the sciences
    • investigations in mathematics
  • External Assessment
    • essays
    • structured problems
    • short-response questions
    • data-response questions
    • text-response questions
    • case-study questions
    • multiple-choice questions – though these are rarely used.

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