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Singapore’s Best Rated Live Event Performances Group. Professional Vocalists and Musicians!

Best Live Instrumental Performance. Vocalists. Music concepts tailored to the event themes

One-Stop event solution from planning, organizing, managing to stage performing. That means you do not have to worry about a single thing about your whole event. We have it taken care of for you!

  • Music LifeStyle started off as an award-winning music academy in classical music education. With a strong passion for music, we have now expanded into event performances.
  • Our team consists of professional music performers in piano, harmonica, guitar, violin and cello as well as jazz vocalists.
  • We have affordable rates without compromising its quality. Make us your choice today!
  • Write to us at [email protected] with your requirements

Why should you choose us as your one-stop event solution & performing group?

  • We offer one-stop services from planning, managing and even arranging the music that suits your event theme: Premium Package ONLY
  • We are extensively experienced in running varied scales of event settings from concert hall to private, corporate functions, wedding and many more.
  • All our performers are mostly highly-profiled and are graduates from both Europe and the world-famous Berkeley School of Music. We specialize in pop, jazz & classical performances that are often engaged for both local and overseas corporate and public performances.
  • Classical performances ranging from duets, trios, quartets as well as quintets.
  • Wide Genres: Classical, Pop & Jazz.
  • Languages: English, Mandarin & Canto Pop

Various Combinations of Performance:


  • Violin + Piano
  • Vocal + Piano
  • Guitar + Vocal
  • Saxophone + Keyboard/Guitar


  • Violin + Cello + Piano
  • Saxophone + Guitar + Vocal
  • Keyboard + Guitar + Vocal

4-Piece Band:

  • Keyboard+ Bass + Guitar + Vocal

5-Piece Band:

  • Keyboard+ Bass + Drums + Guitar + Vocal

Strings Quartet:

  • Cello + Viola + Violin


  • Cello + Viola + Violin Piano

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