IGCSE Music is a Cambridge syllabus mainly developed for international students for more than 25 years over 100 countries around the world

  • Widely accepted by universities and employers worldwide in assessing of music competency of the music candidates.
  • The syllabus creates the opportunity for students in both composing and performing as well as developing of listening skills through studying of historical periods and both styles of Western and Non-Western music traditions

There are 3 main components for IGCSE Music students to be focused on:

  1. Listening
    • Rudiments
    • Melody & Rhythm
    • Harmony
    • Ensembles and Instruments/Voices
    • Instrumental/Vocal Effects
    • Structure
    • Compositional devices
    • Texture
    • Style
    • Genre
  2. Performing
    • Sing or play individually and
    • Sing or play in an ensemble
  3. Composing
    • Composition 1: Must be composed in a Western, tonal style by demonstrating familiarity with the basic principles of traditional harmonic language; this composition must be fully notated using staff notation and the score must be submitted with the recording.
    • Composition 2: Could be any style of the candidate’s choice and may be notated in whatever form of notation is appropriate to the music. Should staff notation not being used, the intentions of the notation must be clearly explained in an accompanying commentary. The score and commentary (if applicable) must be submitted with the recording.


  • Mainly aural awareness, perception as well as discrimination in relation to Western music
  • Knowledge and understanding of non-Western culture and one Western Set Work.
  • Identifying ranges of music from different countries


  • Competency on one or more music instruments
  • Interpretative and Analysis of the music performed


  • Discrimination and Imagination in free composition
  • Using of appropriate music notations

In a nutshell, music students will be assessed based on

  • Ideas
  • Structure of compositions
  • Use of the chosen medium
  • Compositional technique
  • Score presentation/notation

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