• Music Can Help To Achieve Better Academic Results

Neuroscientists have proven when one plays an instrument, multiple areas of your brain are engaged and active like a full-body brain workout, these actions will help our brain to function more effectively.

One can improve multitasking skills greatly through the playing of piano. This can be achieved because one needs split concentration by using both hands, reading music, listening to the notes you are playing and working the pedals. That is a lot of coordination works to do at once! However, once you become used to split concentration while playing the piano, you will notice that your multitasking skills have greatly improved.

Advantages also include the development of performance and shaping of good charisma for kids. More importantly, both their reading and academic learning ability will be improved tremendously as well. Children tend to do well in Mathematics especially dealing with fractions numbers and ratios as those are parts of the exercises in music theory.

  • Focused Attention And Logical Thinking

Playing the piano enhances the brain development in a positive way. While playing a challenging piece, those coordinating actions stimulate the brain in a way no other activity does. Similarly, you are also improving your memory, attention, speech, language, spatial and math skills, body and emotions. Playing the piano has been proven to help improve concentration, which helps in every single area of life.

  • Motor Skills Developments

Regular piano playing can sharpen fine motor skills as it requires the coordination of 10 fingers and improves dexterity and eye-hand-leg coordination.

The Right Age of Piano Learning For A Child

Kids who learn and practice piano at a young age can make structural changes to the brain that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Students who take piano lessons have better general and spatial cognitive developments than students who don’t.

We highly recommend piano lessons to start at 4 years old but not later. Prior to that, we encourage parents to expose the kids by attending our young musician course group lessons which start at 2 ½ to 3 years old which emphasizes the important music foundation in hearing, rhythm sense and note reading and motto skills coordination prior to formal piano lessons.

Learning at the right age with qualified music professionals will make learning progress tremendously fast and less stressful too!

Is It Okay to Sign Up For Lessons Without A Piano?

Yes. Anyone could start a lesson first before getting an acoustic or digital piano.

Students at our academy are able to enjoy the privilege of buying the musical instruments at preferential rates from us since we are also a music instruments dealer.

Besides, we also offer studio rental to our students at special rates. Hence, the students will not need to worry about not having a piano to practice with at home.

Is Taking An Exam Compulsory Or Essential?

Music examination is NOT compulsory but it is an essential part when it comes to music education. Preparing students for music examinations can also encourage and drive them to develop goal-setting characteristics and inspire them to practice the piano more.

It is advisable to choose a music examination that is recognized internationally which can be served as a prerequisite requirement to apply for any tertiary education internationally. Besides, paper certification has also enhanced the competencies in terms of academic achievement and other applications.

10 Reasons Why You Must Choose Music LifeStyle for piano lessons

  1. Teacher Selection Process. Our educators are strictly and meticulously audited and selected
  2. Qualification. We are highly qualified and well-trained on music pedagogy
  3. Teaching Methods. Correct techniques, postures and musicianship are being taught
  4. Exposure. Our music school organizes and creates lots of exposure opportunities for our students, both in-house and public performances
  5. World Class Music Advisors. Our well-renowned advisory board provides world-class music masterclasses and top-notch teaching guidance
  6. Exam Preparation. Our school is specialized in International Baccalaureate (IB), Intensive Piano Lessons & MEP O-Level and A-Level Piano Exams preparation
  7. Official ABRSM Exam Centre. Being an official public exam center for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) means a lot to the students. It boasts students’ confidence level for exam preparation and most importantly, in achieving superb results.
  8. Special Privileges. Students get to enjoy special privileges to purchase brand new Yamaha and Bosendorfer musical instruments.
  9. Student Training. Here, we groom our students to be music educators and to ensure that they learn the correct teaching techniques in order to teach others.
  10. Virtual Piano Lessons. Should the students be unavailable for the regular classroom lesson, we have alternative virtual online piano lessons conducted live which allow students to have quality lessons with our music professionals despite without traveling.

Piano Lessons For Adults

It is never too late to start piano lessons for adults!

Have you always wanted to learn the piano ever since you were young? Then what’s stopping you now? It’s never too late to learn no matter how old you are!

At Music LifeStyle, adult piano lessons are available in individual and group setting. Our friendly and passionate teaching professionals will ensure that the lesson plan is highly educational and enjoyable to meet the student’s pace in learning.