Piano Courses Singapore

The piano is one of the best instruments to learn first because of its versatility and accessibility. It could easily teach you the fundamentals you need as you begin your music lessons in Singapore, such as reading music, basic music theory, and more.

Learn Piano with Our Exceptional Piano Instructors

    Piano Teacher Selection Process

    Our highly esteemed educators, all classically trained performers, undergo a rigorous selection process of several interview stages before being hand picked to join our MLS family.

    Rest assured that Music Lifestyle brings you excellent piano lessons in Singapore through our teachers, who have the experience and ability to fine-tune your performance to professional levels.

    Qualifications and Teaching Method

    Our teachers are well-trained in music pedagogy. They possess the required credentials and exhibit the necessary skill set to impart their knowledge to students in a simple and easy-to-digest manner.

    You will learn to use the correct technique, play in the most suitable posture, avoid injuries, and cultivate personal musicianship

    Internationally Acclaimed Music Advisors

    As a credible and capable music academy, we deliver competence and expertise to every aspiring musician.

    Our renowned advisory board periodically offers advanced masterclasses in music and provides specialised guidance in music curriculum and education.

Our Piano Class for All Ages

    Piano Lessons For Kids

    The early stages of holistic development are crucial for children. Significantly, learning the piano shapes their character and skills. We designed our keyboard lessons in Singapore to nurture your child's technical music skills and essential personal qualities. Here are some skills they can develop:

    • Enhancing Brain Function and Multitasking Skills
    • Playing the piano can significantly improve one's brain function and multitasking skills.

      You’ll need split concentration while using both hands, reading music, listening to the notes you are playing, and working the pedals. Once you become used to this, you’ll notice that your multitasking skills have already greatly improved.

    • Focused Attention And Logical Thinking
    • Playing the piano positively enhances brain development. It improves memory, speech, language, spatial and math skills, body, and emotions. It has also been proven to help improve concentration, which helps in every area of life.

    • Motor Skills Developments
    • Neuroscientists have confirmed that when a person plays an instrument, multiple brain areas are engaged and active, like a full-body brain workout–this is especially true when playing the piano.

      Regular piano playing can sharpen fine motor skills as it requires the coordination of 10 fingers and improves agility and eye-hand-leg coordination.

    Piano Lessons For Adults

    Learning the piano isn’t just for kids. It is never too late for aspiring musicians in their 20s and up to enrol in a piano class for adults. At Music Lifestyle, our friendly and passionate teaching professionals will ensure that the lesson plan is customised, dedicated, and flexible for our students.

    • Full Personal Attention
    • Our professional teachers can give their full personal attention to students, especially when choosing to learn in an individual session with them. With this, you can maximise your learning experience and receive targeted feedback to help you reach your musical goals faster.

    • Customised Piano Lessons
    • Each lesson plan in our adult piano class is highly educational and enjoyable, and it is tailored to each student’s pace of learning. Our expert teachers will work with you to identify a learning plan and strategy that prioritises your preferences.

    • Flexible Music Education
    • We understand how most adults can have a tighter schedule. If you cannot attend your piano class, we offer flexibility in learning by conducting virtual lessons at home. With this alternative, there is no limit to your musical learning experience.

    • Career Preparation
    • For aspiring music teachers, Music LifeStyle grooms its students not just to become performers. But musicians who know how to teach what they know–become educators who master proper techniques and methodology.

Advantages of Learning Piano With Us:

    Personalised Instrument Advice

    We offer piano classes that provide students with knowledge of the best instruments to choose from, well within budget, yet still not compromising musical quality.

    Music Ensemble Course

    The academy believes in well-rounded music education, offering its students the chance to experience not just playing solo. But also performing in an ensemble to learn the valuable skills of teamwork and group performance arts.

    Virtual Online Piano Lessons

    Should you be unable to attend your weekly session, we provide one of the most flexible piano lessons in Singapore. We conduct alternative virtual lessons in real-time, and with a bit of guided equipment setup, you can attend class even at home.

    Performance Opportunities

    We regularly organise musical exposure opportunities such as in-house recitals, concerts held in public venues for charity, and fundraising events. This allows you to take your practice outside your music lessons and showcase your newfound musical abilities to a broader audience.

    Exam Preparation

    Our school specialises in preparing you to ace your exams in ABRSM Theory and Practical (Grade 1 until Diploma), MEP (O level or A level), IGCSE Music and IB Music.

    Official ABRSM Exam Centre

    ABRSM exams are held on our premises, which gives you the advantage of being in familiar territory and boosting your confidence. You can quickly access the ABRSM Exam Studio to practise and familiarise yourself with the particular touch of the piano keys so that you won't be surprised on exam day.

    Career Preparation

    We groom our students to become future educators and performers if they want to pursue careers in music education or performance. We ensure that our students learn the proper technique and methodology effectively.


  • Is it worth taking piano lessons as an adult?
  • Yes, it is worth taking a piano class for adults.

    It can boost adults' creativity, provide a sense of self-growth and achievement, and create more opportunities for connections or social interactions. It can also serve as their mind workout as it challenges their cognitive and memory skills and reinforces the idea of lifelong learning.

  • How long does it take to learn piano for adults?
  • Learning the piano takes time and depends on how much time you allot for practising. Remember, it will take consistency to be good at playing the instrument, so the duration towards being an expert player relies on your determination and effort.

  • Is it too late to learn piano as an adult?
  • No, a person is never too old to learn a new skill, including playing the piano.

    Piano lessons for adults also have advantages. For example, students in this age group usually understand their learning styles better, making it easier to have a more customised and convenient learning experience. Additionally, they can develop peer-like relationships with mentors, enabling more open communication in every music learning session.

  • What is a good age for a child to start piano lessons?
  • We highly recommend starting piano lessons at four years old but not later.

    But before taking formal piano lessons, we’d like to emphasise the importance of music as a foundation for hearing, rhythm sense, note reading, and motor skills coordination. Our team encourages parents to expose their children to music by having them attend musician course group lessons, which start at two and ½ to three years old.

  • Are piano lessons worth it for kids?
  • Yes. Kids who learn and practice piano at a young age can make structural changes to the brain that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Students who take piano lessons have better general and spatial cognitive development than students who don’t.

  • Is taking an exam compulsory or essential?
  • Music examination is NOT compulsory, but it is indeed essential in music education.

    Preparing students for music examinations can encourage them to develop goal-setting characteristics and inspire them to practice the piano more.

    It is advisable to choose a music examination that is recognised internationally. This examination can be a prerequisite for applying for any international tertiary education. Besides, paper certification has also enhanced competencies in terms of academic achievement and other applications.

  • Is it okay to sign up for lessons without a piano?
  • Yes. Anyone could start a lesson first before getting an acoustic or digital piano. Students at our academy have the privilege of buying musical instruments at preferential rates from us since we are also a music instrument dealer.

    Aside from piano lessons in Singapore, we also offer studio rentals to our students at special rates. Thus, you won't need to worry about not having a piano to practice with at home.