Music LifeStyle Academy introduces Music Composition and Arranging Courses for both music lovers or students with music knowledge. Award-winning composer/cellist Khachatur Khachatryan, together with well-renowned composer and guitar champion Dominic Wan, are ready to bring your music composing and arranging skills soaring to new heights!

Mr. Dominic composed for the local staging of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, ‘Grimm Tales’ and the independent film ‘Bipolar’. Whereas, Khachatur Khachatryan has arranged a music piece: Gaspard de la Nuit, 2nd mvt-Legibet for performers of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra in Singapore.

Music lovers and students with music knowledge will be able to learn from award-winning composer, cellist Khachatur Khachatryan together with well-known local guitarist Dominic Wan. They will bring your skills in composing or arranging up high!

The two professionals have teamed up for a new course at the academy: they offer courses on how you can compose songs using an instrument such as Guitar, Cello or any other instruments. Mr Dominic is no stranger when it comes down introducing audiences into unfamiliar territory - he composed pieces like 'Grimm Tales' which had its world premiere here before going onto perform elsewhere internationally; while Mr Khachatur has won awards not only locally but internationally too.


What you can expect to learn from our music composing lessons

  • To be able to compose your own melodies and rhythms
  • To learn how to develop your rhythmic and melodic material through a wide variety of compositional techniques
  • To be able to transcribe and arrange music (hear melody and rhythms and able to write them down in notation form)
  • Be able to study musical form and harmony
  • Able to create music score (from any size of music group to large orchestra)
  • Be able to complete your O-Level, A-Level and IB Music Programs
  • To learn how to use professional music notation software ‘Finale’ for composing

Course Requirements

  • Students should have basic knowledge of music theory prior to taking up this course. He or she must be able to read notes in treble clef and bass clef, have a basic knowledge of note durations, meter, key, scales, flats, sharps, intervals and chords as well as chord inversions.
  • It is advisable to sign up for music theory lessons with us prior to enrolling for this course should you have no music background.
  • Being able to play rather well in some instruments such as Guitar and Piano would definitely be a plus for this course.

Who should attend these lessons?

  • Music students or lovers who aspire to compose, write and arrange music.
  • Composers or arrangers with previous knowledge or experience who want to enhance their skills will be able to learn some new techniques too.
  • For students who should complete their O-Level, A-Level and IB Music Programs in composing.

Start your music composition courses with us now!