The Music Elective Programme is designed to producing the most effective music education by local government schools by for aspiring music students with promising a challenging and fun music journey filled with ample opportunities for creative and artistic expression and learning.

To ensure that each student develops into a beginner with a novel musical disposition, our extensively experienced MEP professionals offer structured lessons to hone the analytical, aural, instructive and acting skills of our student musicians. The course aims to develop students’ abstract and analytical thinking, as well as their creativeness. Learning experiences embrace music analysis, aural perception, composition and performance ship. Students will be able to develop music appreciation of the cultural diversity in music in Singapore and therefore the world.

The goal? To developing students' analytical skills while encouraging their imaginative side; giving them tools needed when exploring different genres namely classical, Jazz, Pop and so forth. We also focus intensively on students’ performance techniques as their first steps of nurturing them to be great musicians in the future!



Secondary Program

To qualify for the MEP at the secondary level, students should initially meet the entry demand of the categorical course within the hand-picked local schools.

Schools that offer MEP:

Students should apply for the program upon admission to the varsity. Candidates ought to have earned the subsequent minimum qualifications:

EITHER a pass in Grade 5 sensible and Theory or sensible art examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or the equivalent commonplace from alternative examination boards. (Application should be with certified copies of music certificates or mark sheets)

OR, within the absence of the qualifications, express higher than a pass in each the written choice check associated with a sensible audition on an instrument (e.g. piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar)

Schools that do not offer the MEP:

Students who are not registered in schools that offer the MEP or increased Music program (tEMPO) will apply for the programme offered by the MEP centers through their secondary schools. All candidates for the MEP centers should bear a variety exercise and should have obtained the subsequent minimum qualifications:

EITHER a pass in Grade 5 sensible and Theory or sensible art examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) or the equivalent commonplace from alternative examination boards.


MEP at A-Levels

This higher music programme is a continuation from MEP after O-Levels, taken in selected Junior Colleges.

Components in exam (H2):

  • Music Studies
  • Performance
  • Music Writing

Components in exam (H3): Research project of students’ choice

All JC (Junior College) Students are required to take 3 H2 subjects and 1 H1 subject which must be a contrasting subject for their A-Levels music study mentioned above.


The H2 course of study aims to have interaction between musically-inclined students in music listening, performing arts and composing. It permits recognition of individual musical inclinations as candidates are offered the selection of providing either a Performance or a Composition major inside the course of study necessities.

Paper 1: Music Studies

The current MEP course of study involves the study of two Asian topics (Solo Chinese music & Music of Malay ancient Dance) and one Western topic (Music in France (c.1894 – c.1937)). The written paper aims to coach students in aural perception, important writing likewise as an awareness of the varied social/political/cultural problems encompassing the music that they study.

Paper 2: Performing Arts

Students are needed to place up a brief recital on their solo instrument as a part of the ‘A’ level course of study. For Music creating majors, they’re going to be required to incorporate either performance on a second instrument or AN ensemble performance as a part of their recital.

Paper 3: Music Writing

The composition portfolio that is submitted to Cambridge at the end of the two years is compiled from harmony exercises (stylistic imitation of Classical String Quartets and/or early nineteenth Century keyboard accompaniment of songs) likewise as individual compositions written by the students themselves.


MEP is a 4-year programme that allows students with interest, musical potential and talent to pursue an in-depth study and practice in music. MEP students will take Higher Music in place of Design & Technology and Food & Consumer Education at lower secondary.

Students offer Higher Music as a subject at the GCE O-Level examination. They can use the subject as one of the following:

  • A Humanities subject for admission to junior colleges and Millennia Institute.
  • A R2 subject in ELR2B2-A/B or a B2 subject in ELR2B2-A/B/C/D for admission to polytechnics and ITE.

It does not come at H1 Level BUT ONLY H2 & H3.

Students in IP(Integrated Program) schools may continue with a 2-year MEP in Year 5 and 6.

All applicants must go through a Selection Exercise, which consists of listening and aural tests, audition and interview.

Components in exam:

  • Music Studies – Written exam paper
  • Performance (Recital)
  • Music Writing (Composition)
  • Research Essay OR Higher Composition OR Higher Performance
  • Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)

Enhanced Music Programme (EMP)

The EMP is an upper secondary programme that leads to the GCE O-Level Music or Higher Music exam. It allows students who have interest, musical potential and talent to learn about music in different traditions, theories and practices from teachers and industry professionals.

Components in exam:

  • Music Studies – Written exam paper
  • Creating (Composition)
  • Performance (Recital)

The Ministry of Education Singapore offers the Music Elective Programme (MEP) for students at both Secondary and Junior College Levels.

At the Music LifeStyle Academy, our instructors understand the challenges of the MEP. Through practical and theoretical scopes of studying, we will develop students’ necessary skills to face and appreciate MEP more fully with our extensive teaching experience.


Let us assist you to excel now!