The Music Elective Programme (MEP) and EMP (Enhanced Music Programme) are designed to producing the most effective music education by local government schools for aspiring music students, promising a challenging and fun music journey filled with ample opportunities for creative and artistic expression and learning.


MEP (Music Elective Programme):

  • A 4-year programme focused on providing a challenging and fun music journey.
  • Emphasizes creative and artistic expression, along with learning opportunities.
  • Structured lessons led by experienced MEP professionals to develop analytical, aural, instructive, and performance skills.
  • Aims to cultivate abstract and analytical thinking, creativity, and music appreciation.
  • Covers various genres including classical, jazz, pop, and electronic music through practical and theoretical study.
  • Utilizes various music software for music projects and assignments.
  • Prepares students for O-Level and A-Level music examinations.


IP (Integrated Programme):

IP students in Anglo-Chinese School Independent, Catholic High, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School, Methodist Girl’s school) take Higher Music at O-levels.

Dunman High School students who wish to continue with MEP in Years 5 and 6 will need to sit for a school-based Music Examination in Year 4 followed by the A-Level Music Examination in Year 6. Otherwise, they would also take Higher Music at O-levels.

IP Students at Raffles Girls’ School, Raffles Institution and Temasek Junior College will sit for a school-based Music Examination instead of the O-Level Higher Music.



EMP (Enhanced Music Programme):

  • A 2-year programme at the upper secondary level that prepares students for Higher Music or Music at O-levels.
  • Teacher recommendations determine whether students take Music or Higher music at O-levels.
  • Focuses on developing analytical skills and encouraging creativity.
  • Students from non-integrated programme schools typically take Music at O-levels.



To ensure that each student develops into a beginner with a novel musical disposition, our highly experienced MEP professionals offer structured lessons to hone the analytical, aural, instructive and acting skills of our student musicians. The course aims to develop students’ abstract and analytical thinking, as well as their creativeness.


Learning experiences embrace music analysis, aural perception, composition and performance ship. Students will be able to develop music appreciation of the cultural diversity in music in Singapore and therefore the world.


The goal? To developing students' analytical skills while encouraging their imaginative side; giving them tools needed when exploring different genres namely classical, Jazz, Pop and so forth. We also focus intensively on students’ performance techniques as their first steps of nurturing them to be great musicians in the future!


We are highly experienced in tutoring electronic music for MEP, O-Level and A-Level as part of exam requirements using music software namely Garage Band, LogicPro, Musescore, Sibelius, Cubase and so forth for music projects and assignments. EDM(Electronic Dance Music) has even gained popularity for IB(International Baccalaureate) music courses and is widely used in both international schools namely UWC and SOTA(School of the Arts Singapore) locally nowadays.


Our instructors understand the challenges of the MEP. Through practical and theoretical scopes of studying, we will develop students’ necessary skills to face and appreciate MEP more fully with our extensive teaching experience.


Located on the city fringe in Singapore, our premises provide a cosy, relaxed, and inspiring learning environment for both local and international students.


Our highly skilled music professionals offer tuition in classical music and music technology, bringing deep knowledge and expertise to every lesson.


Whether students are beginners or advanced musicians, they benefit from our strategic location, where they can immerse themselves in the vibrant musical culture of the city while receiving top-notch music lesson.


Let us assist you to excel now!