What you can expect from your music ensemble lessons

  • Experience and embark with engaging in-house music activities and public performances organized by the academy as an ensemble player.
  • Nurture teamwork skills developed through sharing and creating music as a team with like-minded musicians at the ensemble.
  • Learn skills balancing, intonation, rhythm and etiquette of ensemble playing as well as interpreting the gestures given by the conductor for an ensemble or orchestra.
  • Ensemble playing has indirectly reinforced what students learned through their individual lessons and realized the room of improvements which inspires them to better appreciate the music learning journey which cannot be achieved just by the individual lesson itself!

Music LifeStyle Academy forms our very own music classical performing group, also known as a Strings Music Ensemble and Guitar Music Ensemble

We also offers ABRSM Ensemble Exams preparatory lessons :

  • Chamber music
  • Duet, Trio, Quartet and Ensemble (e.g. combination of Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola and Guitar)

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What is a string ensemble?

Strings Ensemble is a music group of stringed instruments consisting of Violin, Cello, Viola as well as Double Bass.

Why should you join our string ensemble lessons

Our String Ensemble Lessons have been meticulously crafted and structurally programmed by Principal Kellyn Quek with world class musician Dr. Ayke Agus (Jascha Heifetz) conducted by our concert cellist Khachatur Khachatryan with the objective to instill students with comprehensive ensemble-playing skills and necessary techniques to perform as an ensemble.

Additionally, ensemble etiquette, performance ship and conductor gestures will be taught and trained through the lessons as well.

By joining our ensemble, one could expect to develop extraordinary performing skills that cannot be learned merely through playing solo.

Music LifeStyle is very experienced in organizing and forming chamber music includes duet, trio as well as ensemble lessons for public performances.

Our ensemble lessons are available in 2 categories:

  • Intermediate Level
    Pre-requisites: Both Practical & Theory of Grade 5
  • Advanced Level
    Pre-requisites: Both Practical & Theory of Grade 6 and above

For someone who is inspired to join but is not able to meet above prerequisites, we have the solution for you. Our Individual Upgrading lessons are available for you in order to join our ensemble.

Both ensemble lesson groups will have the opportunities to perform for both in-house and public event performances organized or co-organized by the Academy.



Generally, most of the children in Singapore who play guitar do not have the opportunity to play as a group or even perform in public as an ensemble. Learning to play in an ensemble setting is extremely important and vital because the children will be able to learn a lot more compared to those who learn and play as a solo player.

Our guitar ensemble lessons will ensure the guitar students to have necessary the knowledge and skills to play as a group:

  • Able to interpret the instruction or gestures from a conductor
  • Teamwork skills with other music like-minded ensemble players. This makes them learn more in addition to their individual lessons

Most importantly, children are able to find mutual encouragement and inspiration working with other guitarists. So, it is highly recommended and encouraging for any guitar player to join ensemble playing!

As a matter of fact, guitar students are hardly exposed to the ensemble experience compared to band or orchestra instruments in school.

Music LifeStyle Guitar Ensemble is definitely a good way to get experience playing and performing as a group. Our teaching professionals are highly qualified and well-experienced in conducting ensemble learning. Guitar ensembles are encouraged to perform for both in-house and public performances organized and co-organized by The Academy.

The ensemble just got even more inspiring and exciting with our award-winning championship guitar professional, Mr. Dominic!

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