A violin is a musical instrument with strings square measure hitched to standardization pegs and to an appendage which passes over a bridge command in situ by the pressure of the strings. The bridge then transmits the strings’ vibrations to the resonator that is made of pine and amplifies the sound.

Within the instrument, at a lower place, the treble foot of the bridge and impacted between the string belly and back is the sound post. The sound post is a skinny stick of pine that transmits the string vibrations to the instrument’s back, contributing to the characteristic string tone. The belly is supported by the bass bar, a slim wood bar running lengthwise and tapering into the belly. It additionally contributes to the resonance of the instrument. The sidewalls or ribs is made of pine-lined maple.

Age 5 - 7 years old: Encore on Strings

  • Course Length: 1-year course;
  • Duration: 45mins / weekly group session;
  • Theory: Basic Notes Reading;
  • Focus activities include:
    • Rhythm Training
    • Percussion playing
    • Ensemble playing
    • Solfege/Solfa Singing (aural training)
    • Accompaniment Music Tracks

Age 7-years old to Adult:

  • Duration: 45mins or 1 hour / weekly group or individual session;
  • Examination (Optional): ABRSM
  • Focus activities include:
    • Rhythm Training
    • Percussion playing
    • Sight Reading
    • Posture
    • Technique


Kids learn quickly throughout these early stages of their lives. Giving them countless love and nurture can develop trust and security in them which may help them grow confident when they are older.

If your kid shows an interest for learning string instruments or maybe reading musical notes, it may be a good idea to provide him or her a chance to find out what a violin is with Music LifeStyle. We offer violin lessons in Singapore to assist your children in learning this lovely stringed instrument in comprehensive ways.

When children perceive rhythm, beat and musical notes, they are learning a way to determine patterns which can improve their academic skills such as reading and mathematics. Violin lessons for kids and youngsters may be a good means of driving them to get connected with music as it is beneficial for brain development.

Why do some children prefer to skip bow-stringed instruments?

A key issue is whether or not the child loves their violin teacher. Both teachers and parents play extremely important roles in working together to understand how to inspire the child as well as encouraging them to participate in all music-related activities. This is often crucial for success!

Our passionate violin teachers will guide and encourage your kid to be inspired by violin lessons and provide strategic and structured practice methods in order to be good at it without being stressed out.

Five Traits Of A Good Violin Teacher For Kids:

  1. Makes lessons fun yet challenging by providing many different teaching techniques.
  2. Understands your child’s learning style and skills then uses the correct strategies to cultivate their interests.
  3. Loves children and is enthusiastic in helping them learn to be better.
  4. Helps your kid aim to try to his/her best and reward his/her achievements.
  5. Gives constructive feedback to guide and encourage your kid to try to his/her best.

Why should you have your child take up violin lessons at Music LifeStyle?

Students will have the opportunity to join our inspiring Strings Music Ensemble Lessons and participate in both in-house and public performances rather than just learn and play as a soloist alone and sitting for grading exams.


Age: From 5 years old

Duration: 45mins / 1hr

Class Size: 3 Students (Maximum 5 students per class)

Course Outlines:

  • Playing and singing
  • Playing with musical instruments in a small band
  • Listening to the classical music & developing the perfect pitch
  • Musical pantomime games
  • Developing a sense of rhythm


Age : From 6 years old

Duration : 45mins / 1hr

Criteria : At your own pace

Theory : Grade 1 – 8

Examination Board : ABRSM (Grading & Diploma Levels)


Am I too old to learn the violin?

Learning violin is usually misunderstood to be for the youngsters only. However, this is untrue as adults can actually learn faster than children! Adults can pick things up quickly and easily when they are determined and interested whereas children usually learn at a slower pace.

Adults typically complain of getting an excessive amount of work and not enough time to practice. However, if one practices the correct approach systematically, time wouldn’t be a problem. Quality matters, not the amount!

In fact, adult students are being more perceptive and knowing the worth of their time. Additionally, adult students’ learning is attributable to their own needs, unlike children who may not be as aware of their needs yet.

Adults can learn faster than kids because they have more experience with the subject material that will be covered in your lessons (and maybe even some tips) by our violin professionals. In addition, if you approach violin learning systemically then time would not matter; every minute spent practicing makes one closer towards achieving success in violin playing.


Our passionate strings professionals will ensure each lesson attended is inspiring and enjoyable!


4 Obstacles To Learning Violin And Way For You To Overcome Them:

  • Lack of time

    Several adults such as yourself like to live a full life. You juggle work and family commitments, but still need fancy leisure activities that assist you and help you unwind. Taking personal lessons from our accomplished string teachers offer you the flexibility to attain your dream despite living a busy life.

  • Lack of confidence

    Several adult music lovers doubt they will learn to play an instrument at their age. Maybe you are worried that your fingers are too stiff or that you simply would not be able to learn as quickly as somebody who is younger. Learning music keeps your brain young!

  • Lack of proper teaching methods

    It can be a challenge to play a string instrument without the proper direction from a qualified instructor. Some might question if it is necessary to hire a decent string teacher from the start. It is essential for beginners to create a powerful musical foundation, as an experienced teacher will assist you through this journey. Do not develop unhealthy habits when you start, as they will become harder to alter as you progress.

  • Lack of action

    Unsurprisingly, not taking the initiative to register for string lessons is the biggest obstacle to your learning. With Music LifeStyle, learning to play string instruments will be a breeze because we are highly experienced in choosing the string academics consistent with your preferences. We will also assign you an exceptional string teacher that will cater to your schedule and aspirations.

Advantages of adults learning the violin:

  • It relaxes your muscles

    After a tiring day of work, it is natural to want to rest and relax. The key to having a soothing rest is music. Music soothes and calms your muscles and brain, making it easier for you to be relaxed.

  • It improves posture

    Playing the violin requires proper posture and positioning. Once this turns into a habit, good posture will alleviate back pains by reducing stress on your joints and helps you breathe properly.

  • It develops time management

    When mixing a hectic work life with musical lessons, you will eventually learn to balance your time between the two. The ability to manage time is essential to our daily lives.

  • It teaches you to coordinate with others

    When practicing music with other people, coordination is key in order to produce an ideal tune. Practicing a string instrument can help you work well with the people around you.

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