Find your rhythm and ignite creativity in a professional but inspiring space with Music LifeStyle Academy’s studio rental

Our music studio rental services grant access to our exam and recital studios, ideal environments to hone and showcase your musical talent. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a passionate student, or a collaborative group, our music studio rental in Singapore is the perfect space to express your talent and tap into your creativity. 

Our Music Studio Rental is Suitable For:

  • Individual Practice. Preparing for a recital or competition? Book our studio rooms and immerse yourself in music as you rehearse to stand out in your next performance.  
  • Group Music Lessons. Collaborate with your peers, instructors, or students and find music motivation together in our music studio rental rooms
  • Private Teaching. Conduct lessons in a quiet space to uphold focus and inspiration. 
  • Conducting music workshops and music theory lessons. The 4K high-resolution projector in our studio rental rooms allows you to perform workshop sessions, music theory lessons, or music composition activities.


Equipment: Our music studio for rent features European baby grand and brand new Yamaha YUS5 premium upright pianos fitted with new Panasonic 4K high-resolution projector.

Studio Rooms Details: Our recital studios can accommodate up to 60 pax maximum and highlight a brand new Daikin high-performance cassette aircon, velvet curtain, windows, and spotlights.Other Lesson studios can also accommodate up to 15 pax for group lesson or ensemble lessons.

Rates: Get inspired with Music LifeStyle Academy’s studio rental rooms starts from SGD50/hr to SGD150/hr before gst based on size of studios.