Music E-Learning

Music E-Learning

Based at landmark of Asia Singapore, E-Learning@ Music LifeStyle, is ready to embark you on a creative way of music theory learning with real time!

Why E-learning@ Music LifeStyle?


This will eliminate traveling time and save up transportation fee and even parking fees for local students! For foreign students, now is your opportunity to learn from world class professionals based in Singapore! 

  • Our team consists of selected only cohorts of highly qualified and well experienced musicians only for conducting E-learning courses.
  • Lesson structures are meticulously crafted and developed over the past several years with world class advisor Dr.AykeAgus, former professor at USC and Julliard School of Music from USA.
  • Lessons playback and handouts available upon missing of lesson.
  • Both Intensive and Regular Theory Lessons are available for ABRSM Grade 1-5 & Grade 6-8 as packaged modules.
  • Punctual and Professional – lessons start and end on time without delays.
  • ABRSM official partner, well verse with ABRSM Exam syllabi.

Register your interest with us today with us now!

为什么要选用Music LifeStyle网络视频学习乐理?


  • 我们的团队由唯一的高素质和经验丰富的音乐人组成,仅用于进行电子学习课程。
  • 课程结构由资深本院院长及世界级的顾问艾克·阿格斯博士,前美国USC 及Julliard音乐学院教授,精心打造和发展了课程结构。
  • 准时和专业 – 课程开始和结束,没有延误。
  • ABRSM正式合作伙伴,善长于ABRSM英国皇家考试大纲。


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