Virtual Music Lessons

Virtual Music Lessons

What Is Virtual Music Lessons 摸拟音乐教程

Virtual Music Lessons is the real time lessons which are being conducted in person remotely by music teachers to students without physical contacts namely classroom lessons. It is also known as Remote Music Lessons Or Live Music Lessons by others. With the advancement of modern technology platforms and tools, to facilitate a quality music lesson has indeed become possible where students are able to communicate directly with the teachers to clarify any doubts where ever they are. Preparation of coursework by teachers prior to the lessons is most essential to ensure each lesson is engaging and inspiring. Extra efforts and times of preparing course contents and uploading of materials to the platform have to be done before each lesson.

To achieve best result for music lessons would be depend on several factors below:

  • Qualifications, Attitudes and Experiences Of Music Educators.
  • The way how the platforms and equipment being setup and utilized by both teachers and students.
  • Course Materials


Difference Between Virtual Music Lessons And Online Music Lessons 摸拟音乐与视频音乐教程的区别

Irrevocably, Online Music Lessons are prepared course materials such as pre-recorded videos, music sheets and theory work sheets according by chapters and made available for subscriptions or online purchased but not real time, it is only providing knowledge and not interactive as education. As such online music lesson lack of efficiency and it can be boring.

Our music professionals have proved that virtual lessons can be as effective as classroom lessons in both practical and music theory namely MEP, O-Level, A-Level and IB(International Baccalaureate) Music Program. No hassles, no worries, no time wasted on traveling, do it at anywhere at your comfort. It keeps you safe and productive during the pandemic period of Covid-19.

Our music courses are conducted by selected cohorts of highly qualified musician and professionals who met stringent teaching expectation of the academy. Courses are meticulously structured, crafted and developed as a team lead by founder Miss Kellyn Quek and Dr Ayke Agus who are highly qualified professionals in music pedagogy.

As our academic advisor, Dr Ayke is the former professor at USC(University Of Southern California) and Julliard School Of Music from USA. She is also known as the last disciple of world-renowned violin legend Jascha Heifetz who extremely proficient and experienced in conducting Piano, Violin as well as Chamber Master Classes to students to our Academy and Virtual Lessons. Besides, we even works with Mr.Georgi Nikolov who conducting the Vienna Conservatory Of Music as an opportunity for boosting up music learners’ exposures via masterclasses and music excursion programs.

Music LifeStyle has been actively conducting virtual music lessons years before the outbreak of Covid-19. We featured in Channel 8 news for an exclusive virtual music lessons interview in early March of 2020 before the circuit breaker in Singapore took effect.

The virtual lesson has been proven to be helpful and as effective as classroom lesson during this pandemic period of Covid-19 circuit breaker. It serves as new learning environment or channel to enhance our needs in this fast-evolving trends.

Music Courses Includes:

  • IB Music Diplomas
  • MEP O-Level & A-Level Music
  • ABRSM Grade 1 to 8 Music Theory
  • Piano Lessons Grade 1 to Diploma Levels
  • Violin Lessons Grade 1 to Diploma Levels
  • Viola Lessons Grade 1 to Diploma Levels
  • Cello Lessons Grade 1 to Diploma Levels
  • Guitar Lessons Grade 1 to Diploma Levels
  • Leisure Music Lessons For Ages



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